Meet Our Team

Daniel A. Dialessi

Executive Director

Administration and Outreach

Human Resources management, payroll services, strategic planning, board and agency administration. Administration and Outreach handles the day-to-day administrative duties, reception services, scheduling, and records management. 
Garrett Corral Garrett Corral Communications Director [email protected] (602) 354-1236
Yolanda Mendoza Yolanda Mendoza Business Manager [email protected] (602) 341-1311

Financial Services and Operations

Financial services manage WIFA’s financial goals, objectives, and policies. Including the oversight of WIFA's debt and loan programs. Financial Services also directs WIFA's Financial Assistance and Technical Assistance programs. 

Angie Valenzuela Angie Valenzuela Financial Services Director [email protected] (602) 364-1313
Evan Marsh Evan Marsh Sr. Loan Officer [email protected] (602) 364-1319
Lindsay Mills Lindsay Mills Environmental Program Specialist [email protected] (602) 364-1381
Lindsey Jones Lindsey Jones Environmental Program Supervisor [email protected] (602) 364-1324
Morgan Burgess Morgan Burgess Environmental Program Specialist [email protected] (602) 364-1321
Samantha Lemke Samantha Lemke Environmental Program Specialist [email protected] (602) 364-1326
Scott Connelly Scott Connelly Sr. Loan Officer [email protected] (602) 364-1329

Fiscal and Loan Services

The division of Fiscal Services transacts daily financial operations including WIFA loan disbursements, repayments, budgeting and procurement. Fiscal Services also manages WIFA debt service, investments, federal grants and state match appropriation.

Angelica Romero Angelica Romero Administrative Services Officer III [email protected] (602) 364-1312
Dianna Claassen Dianna Claassen Fiscal Services Manager [email protected] (602) 364-1325
Jane Thompson Jane Thompson Controller [email protected] (602) 364-1323
Julie Flores Julie Flores Administrative Services Officer III [email protected] (602) 364-1320
Rebecca Gomez Rebecca Gomez Administrative Services Officer III [email protected] (602) 364-1315