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WIFA Staff

picture of Sandy Sutton, WIFA Interim Executive Director
Sandy Sutton
Executive Director
(602) 364-1310

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Administration »
The division of Administration and Operations assists WIFA with human resources management, payroll services, strategic planning, board and agency administration, secretarial and reception services, scheduling, and records management.

Financial Services/Operations »
The division of Financial Services directs WIFA's financial goals, objectives and policies. This includes overseeing WIFA's debt and loan program. Financial Services also directs WIFA's Financial Assistance and Technical Assistance programs.

Fiscal/Loan Servicing »
The division of Fiscal Services transacts daily financial operations including WIFA loan disbursements, repayments, budgeting and procurement. Fiscal Services also manages WIFA debt service, investments, federal grants and state match appropriation.

 • Administration

picture of Susan Craig, Public Affairs & Outreach
Susan Craig
Communications Director

picture of Yolanda Mendoza, Business Manager
Yolanda Mendoza
Business Manager
(602) 364-1311

picture of Brenda Guerra, Administrative Assistanct II
Brenda Guerra
Administrative Assistant II
(602) 364-1318
 • Financial Services/Operations  BACK TO TOP

picture of Trish Incognito, Senior Loan Officer
Trish Incognito
(602) 364-1235

picture of Angie Valenzuela, Senior Loan Officer
Angie Valenzuela
Senior Loan Officer
(602) 364-1313

picture of Rodney Held, Senior Loan Officer
Rodney Held
Senior Loan Officer
(602) 364-1381

picture of Ruby Hernandez, Loan Processing Coordinator
Ruby Hernandez
Loan Processing Coordinator
(602) 364-1329

picture of Melanie Ford, Technical Program Supervisor
Melanie Ford
Technical Program Supervisor
(602) 364-1321

picture of Sara Kondrad, Environmental Program Supervisor
Sara Konrad
Environmental Program Supervisor
(602) 364-1319

picture of Vacant, Environmental Program Specialist
Environmental Program Specialist
(602) 364-1326

picture of Dean A. Moulis, P.E., Infrastructure Engineer
Dean A. Moulis, P.E.,
Infrastructure Engineer
(520) 628-6797
 • Fiscal & Loan Servicing  BACK TO TOP

picture of Mike Clark, Controller
Mike Clark

picture of Julie Flores, Financial Analyst
Julie Flores
Administrative Service Officer III
(602) 364-1320

picture of Angelica Romero, Administrative Service Officer II
Angelica Romero
Administrative Service Officer II
(602) 364-1312

picture of Rebecca Gomez, Accountant I
Rebecca Gomez
Administrative Service Officer I
(602) 364-1315

picture of Patricia Majlish, Fiscal Services Manager
Patricia Majlish
Fiscal Services Manager
(602) 364-1323
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picture of James Mañalac
James Mañalac
Database Administrator

picture of Chris Unnewehr, Network Administrator
Chris Unnewehr
Network Administrator
(602) 364-1317
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