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Water Loss Control Program
Program Overview

Thank you to everyone who has applied for the program. We are now at full capacity and have started a waiting list. You can sign up for the waiting list by submitting an application. We will contact you if a space becomes available.

WIFA, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), has kicked off Phase 2 of its Water Loss Control Program. The program utilizes the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Program for Water Audits and Loss Control Programs; as the industry’s best practice for water loss accounting, otherwise known as the M36 methodology. The purpose of the Water Loss Control Program is to provide utilities with a foundational understanding of the M36 methodology, how to apply the methodology, and how water audit data may be used to asses and improve water loss performance at the utility level.

Cavanaugh, a nationally-recognized expert in the M36 methodology, has been selected to conduct M36 methodology training and metrics validation process, modeled after the pilot project.

The M36 methodology is cost-effective because it analyzes costs of loss components, and includes a validation mechanism. Research has shown that without validation, systematic error can cause many water audits to be unreliable which can lead to unintentional, erroneous system management. The M36 methodology expresses metrics in terms of validity, volume and value for each water loss sub-component. Validity is the most important of these metrics, as it indicates the reliability of the other metrics in the water auditing process. The program includes a unique validation process where water loss experts review supporting documentation and interview utility staff to substantiate the contents of each water audit.

In this program, utilities are trained on the M36 Methodology, the AWWA Water Audit, and in developing the next steps in their own system water loss mitigation control program. The program consists of the following:
  • A kick-off webinar for all participating utilities
  • An in-person, two-day workshop for the participants hosted in their region
  • Training in the AWWA Free Water Audit Software
  • Data analysis and consultation with a contractor to be selected
  • Final system profile deliverables and water loss control recommendations
Approximately 25 small to medium-sized systems across Arizona have been selected to participate in Phase 2.

Please complete the application to be placed on the waiting list for Phase 2 of Arizona’s Water Loss Control Program

WIFA would like to thank the Bureau of Reclamation's water resources department for generously funding the purchase of the supplemental traning materials.

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